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The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

Set in a revisionist post-WWII alternate reality where Japan and Germany actually won the war, I expected this novel to be fantastic. I knew that this story had been recently picked up as a series by Amazon, and the premise … Continue reading

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Little Women series by Louisa May Alcott

So, I loved this as a little girl, and decided it was time to try it as an adult. I was shocked to find that apparently I’d never actually read the original and instead had just read a VERY abridged … Continue reading

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The Lord John series – Diana Gabaldon

These all seem to be mysteries, which is not generally a genre I’m drawn to. I don’t entirely understand why there are so many books about Lord John, who I always considered to be a rather boring character, but Gabaldon … Continue reading

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The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line – Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham (Veronica Mars #1)

Story time! Sometimes at work there’s a birthday or a going away party or something, and someone brings in a cake. The cake is always from a bakery, and is covered with thick, fluffy white icing all decorated in swirls … Continue reading

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The Bookdorks are now on Facebook… Come and join us there 🙂  

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So, I must embrace the suckiness of my blogging…

So, I have been a terrible book blogger of late. I haven’t kept up my posts because life got crazy. (I know you all don’t care about that as it is a story for another day, another place, another blog!) … Continue reading

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Stephen King – Wolves of the Calla, or; WTF, Stephen King?

Seriously.  SERIOUSLY. This is why I have a book blog, so when I read something that makes me this crazy I can rant about it here.  This is the strangest book series I’ve ever read, and I’m not sure it’s a … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Plans

Soooo, now that I’m almost sorta caught up on all my old postings, and in honor of the official beginning of summer, I can tell you about my summer reading goals: Catch up posts on my OWN damn Pride and … Continue reading

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I am now officially seven books behind on my Goodreads challenge and FIVE blog posts behind here. But I don’t wanna make up old posts, I just want to READ!

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Anthem: Bookdorks CHALLENGE #2 Update: Ayn Rand makes me feel stupid

Books that make me feel dumb automatically go on the DO NOT WANT list. I was challenged to read Anthem on on 1/22/12. And although I didn’t meet the deadline to get my review up (missed it by, um…more than … Continue reading

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