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Bookdork 1, Kelley, likes being wordy and hates ipads (the bane of ebooks). Since getting a Kindle, I’m entirely too good for paper books, and apparently my pressing need to discuss each book I read is immediate, but extremely temporary.

I almost exclusively read fantasy, young adult, and stuff about English monarchs. I will never accept people not enjoying Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire. Also, I do not embrace change, so 90% of what I read is stuff I’ve read approximately 47 times already. Oh, and there are entirely too many books about teenage vampires.

Bookdork 2, shelleybean, is a fan of dystopian novels, realistic thrillers, some historical fiction, select medical dramas that don’t use so much jargon they make my head hurt, the occasional bit of sci-fi, and many post-apocalyptic page turners and young adult novels. I have also read a lot of the classics for pleasure and for academic purposes (often only to realize that they don’t all deserve their esteemed places on our bookshelves). I do read more than my fair share of “brain candy” books that have laughably awful, poorly written plots which are thereby just plain fun.

I absolutely do not like legal dramas (except the occasional Jodi Picoult), prairie or Amish romances, derivative vampire or werewolf fiction, most of the books I’m supposed to read for professional development at work, and the stuff they once made me read in school.

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