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The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble

I read this for my challenge book with non-human characters. This is the story of babies left with a childless old healer woman on a mountaintop. The woman’s name is Verity, and as one might expect, she can tell no lies. One … Continue reading

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Cloaked – Alex Flinn

I did not like this book. Not the writing, not the dropped storylines, not the obvious plot twists or the boringness or the narrator’s voice. I basically hated everything about it. Cloaked didn’t kick any puppies, to my knowledge, but … Continue reading

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Princess of the Midnight Ball – Jessica Day George

Wellllllll, this one was a fail for me. I mean, fairy tale retellings, yay I love those! But this was a fairy tale that I’m not very familiar with – The Twelve Dancing Princesses. And then there was the problem … Continue reading

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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I was REALLY looking forward to this one for a long time and even hoped to get it for my birthday…alas, no giftage of the book arrived come January 17, and as school is out  (hooray for summer vacation!) and … Continue reading

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The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Finally, I can say I really like a book again. The Snow Child is charming and sad, as I expected it to be, given what I knew of the old Russian fairy tale it’s based on. Both deeply symbolic and … Continue reading

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