Princess of the Midnight Ball – Jessica Day George

Wellllllll, this one was a fail for me. I mean, fairy tale retellings, yay I love those! But this was a fairy tale that I’m not very familiar with – The Twelve Dancing Princesses. And then there was the problem that some not-very-well-planned fantasy worlds have, that…stuff that happened didn’t make sense, and it was all kind of too easy. And maybe that’s not the author’s fault, maybe those parts were part of the original fairy tale? But I kinda feel like it was her job to think up backstory to make events make sense, not just “carrying around this herb fixes everything.”

I didn’t identify with the characters, either. Galen was a good character, but he kept coming up with these brilliant solutions to saving the princesses, without showing us his thought process. It was like “MORTAL DANGER! Good thing I remembered to bring this thing which will save us and this is the first time I’m mentioning it!” Overall, I just didn’t like it much. Look at that goooooorgeous cover, though! Am I the only one who salivates over dresses like this and tries to think up events that I could possibly wear a hoop skirt to? I currently have a dress hanging up at home that I bought recently that I’m going to need to get invited to some sort of English tea garden party in order to ever be able to wear.

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7 Responses to Princess of the Midnight Ball – Jessica Day George

  1. shelleybean1 says:

    But it’s so pretty! Which fairy tale is it? Is it like Cinderella or the 12 dancing princesses one or whatever? I think I’d probably like this one even WITH all the problems….I do love a good (or bad) fairy tale retelling.

    • kelley says:

      It’s the 12 dancing princesses. I think I’d have liked it better if I’d known the original fairy tale. So read it and lets compare notes!

  2. shelleybean1 says:

    Hey, maybe WE should have a garden party or English tea and invite all our friends (ha). They could come as story characters and you could wear your dress 🙂

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