The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble

I read this for my challenge book with non-human characters.

This is the story of babies left with a childless old healer woman on a mountaintop. The woman’s name is Verity, and as one might expect, she can tell no lies. One baby was delivered by a stork, Clara, and the one who was delivered in a conch shell is Maren. (And, by the way, isn’t Maren the perfect name for a mermaid?) Clara and Maren also have an orphaned half-brother who was discovered under an apple tree. That’s a lot of orphan discovery for one family but since it is fairy tale-like, I’ll suspend my disbelief about that, the mermaid baby in the conch, and the wyvern they keep as a pet. The old woman keeps the foundling girls, and her longtime love, a traveling caravan peddler, takes the apple tree baby, a boy named O’Neill. Over time they grow, and Maren the mermaid girl begins to transform into her true fishy self at sixteen. Since she cannot survive atop the mountain any longer, Clara and O’Neill must return Maren to her true home in the sea.

the mermaid's sister

This is a light-hearted and fun read with quite a few surprises and scares. Overall, I love this if only because it was a NaNoWriMo novel. I only wish it had had a series of pictures to make it even more lovely. It’s clearly meant for young adults, I’d say, but The Mermaid’s Sister was enjoyable nonetheless. It was also one of the Kindle First promotional items for $1.99 this month, so if you get it quickly, you can get it cheap 🙂

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