started and stopped…

Since there is no audiobook available of Scarlett (booooo, and no ebook either!), I’ve been searching for something new to listen to at work. I need something to focus on while working endless orders, so audiobooks work well, but I’m very picky when it comes to audiobooks – if I haven’t read them before I find it very difficult to get into them, so I generally save audiobooks for well-loved favorites.

Queen Hereafter, by Susan Fraser King – First impression: this is the cutest accent I have ever heard in my life! But, I found that I had to concentrate harder on it because of the accent – not really conducive to getting any work done. So, I’ll have to return to this in book form later.

Belles, by Jen Calonita – I can’t deal with the Southern accent the reader puts on for Isabelle. I’m from North Carolina, and we don’t talk like this. Then, the bitch-girl who shows up around 11:00 talks like Quinn from Daria. Third strike is that the male love-interest seems to be named Braden. Ew. 13 minutes in and I’m out.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by John Green – I actually got to about 75% of this one before losing interest and turning it off. It was BORING!

So, still searching…sigh

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