Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander #2) – Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber Diana GabaldonSo this is an enormous series of books, and it’s got all kinds of novellas and short stories, so the author actually has a chronology on her website, which is really helpful. And for Dragonfly in Amber, she writes:

“It doesn’t start where you think it’s going to. And it doesn’t end how you think it’s going to, either. Just keep reading; it’ll be fine.”

And…yeah. There are several chapters of boringness and confusion in the beginning that you just have to get through before you get to the good stuff (Michelle couldn’t handle it, I powered through). But then…more Jamie and Claire, yay!

Basically, after the aforementioned boringness, we pick up right where we left off at the end of the last book, and follow Jamie and Claire through trying to change the past so that Colloden never happens. Except that they’re kind of bad at it. They’re in France, going to parties and meddling in politics, and it’s all very “what a scandalous red dress Claire is wearing!” and “Monsieur bslkdhfsl might secretly be friends with Duke sdjfsdkf who might be involved in magic and is secretly dating Madame dkfsldfkj who is definitely doing magic,” and I immediately forget all the French names and it’s just all very BLAH. It picks up again after they leave France though, when the war starts.

I love watching Claire and Jamie’s story continue, but the main plot of this book is largely boring. And there are a LOT of french people with unpronounceable names that I get all mixed up.

Also, this is pretty accurate for this book:

48566174Audiobook notes:
Narrator: Davina Porter, who also narrated a bunch of the Jane Austen books I read last year. Very good, very expressive. I do feel that her voice is perhaps a little bit too reedy and aged-sounding for Claire, but she does an extremely good job. She also does great accents – English, Scottish, Irish, French, German, whatever, they’re all here and they’re all good.

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