Kelley’s Year End Wrapup

Well, I missed my Goodreads reading goal AGAIN this year. However, I’m overall fairly pleased with myself. I read some really good books and I think that joining a book club helped force me to read things outside of my comfort zone, most of which I ended up really liking.

I finally read the Dark Tower series, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time. It ended up not necessarily being worth it to me, but I’m glad I finally got it off my To Read list. Finally read all of the Georgia Nicholson books and several recentish YA series that I’ve been meaning to check out (Divergent, Delirium, Touch of Magic, Gemma Doyle, etc). I feel like I read more new books this year, instead of reading the same old stuff over and over (which I actually really enjoy, but doesn’t really expand my horizons).

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Kelley has
read 77 books toward her goal of 90 books.


Next year’s goals:

  • continue to read new-to-me books
  • read more classics biographies, etc, and less fluff
  • actually meet my Goodreads goal for the first time ever!

I’m going to keep 2014’s goal at 90 books, because I think I can do it. We will see a year from now!

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