So long, 2013…and may your replacement be kinder!

So this happened…or rather, didn’t happen.

2013 Reading Challenge
Michelle has read 55 books toward her goal of 80 books.
I just…couldn’t. I got into a reading rut when I tried to read a couple of bad books in succession, lost my motivation and switched to watching TV seasons instead, and then life interfered :\
No excuse, since I didn’t even meet LAST year’s goal of 75 books! That means I was 20 books shy of where I was in 2012! The only good thing I can say for that is I allowed myself NOT to finish books I didn’t like, so there were far more DNFs than I’ve ever had before.

So, yeah. I’m keeping my goal at 80 books for 2014 because this 68% nonsense is frankly embarrassing :/

In other news, I’ve already finished one, since I tried to cram in the end of Uglies before midnight, but it didn’t happen, and Goodreads added it on to this year…so yay, I guess?

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