Ancestor by Scott Sigler

I read Ancestor simultaneously with my husband, a definite non-reader. I bought him the paperback for his birthday and I also had a copy on my Kindle because we both LOVED Sigler’s last books Infected and Contagious. (What can I say? To a bookdork, there is nothing sexier than a guy who will read with you…)

Since sharing books is such a rarity, I never shove books at him unless I’m convinced he’ll like them. Infected and Contagious were so creepy good, that I was SURE we’d love this one too. Unfortunately, Ancestor was barely so-so.


Essentially, this is a story of a science experiment gone wrong. A group of researchers is trying to decode and combine various mammal genomes in order to discover a common ancestor. This ancestor could then be implanted in a surrogate animal (in this case, cows) and harvested as donor organs to fill human medical transplant needs. Since this is a common ancestor to all mammals, neither the surrogates or the human bodies would reject the animal tissues as foreign. This premise sounded promising.

In actuality, though, the story was boring, predictable, and read like a cross between Jurassic Park and some stupid TV medical drama. In fact, and this is fairly telling as I’m usually a very intense reader, I kept falling asleep and couldn’t finish for days. Hubby got ahead of me because he has insomnia and finished first, but neither of us liked this one at all.

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