A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

What to say about book 2? I went through this one pretty fast as it was overall pretty enjoyable for a mid-series sequel (usually they just fill in details on more interesting plot arcs for later, and end up a hodgepodge of disappointing nonsense, but this was good). Arya’s kidnapping is pretty fascinating, the over-the-Wall business is heating up (or maybe I should say cooling down?), Theon proves himself to be the asshole we always knew he was, Bran’s wolf/crow dreams are finally developing into a real thing of some consequence, the brother-against-brother war is intriguing…and that shadow-birth thing? Awesome.

Other thoughts: Catelyn Stark needs to leave Robb to his own war (he’s doing fine) and go home to take care of her kids for a change. Davos is dull and I want to avoid his chapters. Dany’s desert wanderings and beggings for ships are getting old. AAAAAND…I can’t help it…I just love the Imp. He’s so much smarter than everyone else and yet also loyal to his crummy family. I love a clever character and wit goes a long way toward winning me over. Can’t he just be king already? That would solve everything!

And now to my only complaint: Man, this was a damn long book. It’s nearly 1000 pages and most of them are about war and strategy, urgh! Even Kelley said I should just skip to the good parts 😉 I’ll keep that in mind for Book 3.

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