Game of Thrones series on HBO

Ok, so Kelley would probably call me a “Johnny-come-lately” (or some equally pejorative but far trendier term), but after re-reading the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire series (and enjoying it for a change!) and needing something adult to snuggle up to and watch with the hubby now that our Dexter and Big Love seasons are all finished up, we decided to try the HBO show Game of Thrones inspired by the book series. Worth a shot, right?

And let me tell you, we’re loving it. Season One was pretty much perfect…it eliminates all the boring, introductory blah-blah-blahs I disliked in the novel (yes, that is what I call exposition in my English class!), incorporates just enough boobies and “conniving and diverse characters” to keep the hubby awake past his bedtime, and looks darn awesome in the process.

Now, I have to say, most of the characters are not as I envisioned them. I didn’t picture Viserys’ or Dany’s silver hair quite that way, but I guess I can live with it. Robb and Jon and Catelyn are too old. Theon is too generic. I HATE Sean Bean. Cersei isn’t really beautiful enough, although I guess she does convey regal bitchiness pretty well. The Mountain and the Hound are both visual letdowns who are far more sinister in my imagination. Varys seems too nice and not pampered enough. The guy playing Peter Baelish is notably bad. His accent is wrong, his clothes are wrong, and his skeevy attitude is just creepy and not pathetic like he is when I read him. I didn’t envision Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, but he’s good in anything, and he really makes the part AND the show (of course, he’s my favorite character in both versions). In fact, of all the characters, he’s the only one whose “show” face has replaced my original, “better in my head” rendering.

I’m irritated so far with Season 2, because I’m not sure the changes are needed or helpful…but I’m hoping for good things to come (halfway done). And since reading book three is going EVER so slowly for me, I’m enjoying the nightly romps through Westeros in this other form quite a lot.

So, has anyone else watched this? Did you enjoy it? How does it compare to the novels? Am I just a latecomer lickspittle jumping on the TV popularity bandwagon?

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