Dammit, I give up already!

Okay, okay, enough! I get it! It’s a conspiracy and YOU WIN, all right?

I blame the darn Kindle bestseller list people. And translators of Swedish books who apparently have the advertising budgets of people who also have unnamed Swiss bank accounts.  And the Goodreads recommenders (who are they, by the way, and how do I get that job?). And the people who vote for selections in my book club. And all my aunts and neighbors and friends who wouldn’t stop talking about the stupid things. And Hollywood for making ANOTHER movie of this even though there was a perfectly good one already made with subtitles. I blame them ALL. They’re all in cahoots to get me to read the DAMN Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

Okay, I cave. I’ll read it. Or try…because I hear it starts out really slowly and I only have until May when book club is supposed to discuss it. So, can I at least complain about it a lot since I HAVE to read it?

I give it one week. One week and if I don’t like it…I’m quitting. Life is too short to read bad books, even when under incredible amounts of peer and advertising pressure. [Be warned…if I do somehow enjoy this in a week, I will then immediately and unrepentantly switch to the aforementioned camp of shameless promoters and annoy all 10 remaining people on the planet (including my dear sister) who have also actively tried NOT to read this series.]

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