Dragon Tattoo update…

I’m 20% done with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and honestly still can’t understand why other people think it’s so fascinating and wonderful. So far, we’ve got a journalist who seems to be wrongfully convicted of libel, some shady businessmen who worm their way out of tights spots and into lucrative deals, an eccentric and somewhat creepy investigator girl, and a 40-year old mystery about a magnate’s young female heir gone missing. Oh, and some inexplicable framed flowers fraught with meaning factor in there somewhere. The Swedish-isms (even the names…come on, there have to be more Swedish names than Berger/Birger, Blomkvist/Blomberg, etc.) aren’t as off-putting as I expected and the story seems to move at a good clip. I hear it’s going to take off like a roller coaster speeding downhill here soon, so I’m hanging on tight. I remain unconvinced but cautiously optimistic.

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