Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris

Well, this was GOING to be a Two Dorks, One Book feature post, but SOMEONE didn’t read it. So it’s just me. Reviewing alone again. Like a solitary, non bookdorky, book blogger. Because where are you, Kelley, and what are you reading? And don’t say Wheel of Time or Outlander again! Anyway, this was the February book for our book club but lots of folks didn’t read it, apparently, except me.

midnight crossroad

So here’s what I think:

In general this was a good pick, although I really did not like the cutesy caricature names. I probably would have been able to like this story better without that (it might even have been a love!). I mean, characters should not be named Bobo or Fiji or the Rev if you expect me to take them seriously (although I do suppose that is PARTLY the point). I also felt like a couple of the characters weren’t developed enough (Olivia, Joe Strong, Madonna & Teacher, and even main character Mernardo…which I know wasn’t his name, but I read it that way anyway every DAMN time), but since this is a series, that will probably take care of itself in later novels. I suppose I can live with it.

My other complaint: the ending annoyed me. It just did. I don’t want to spoil anything, but that is NOT okay, Charlaine Harris. Not okay at all. I do not like my evil villians to fall into quite that category. Maybe it is the teacher/mom in me.

I did find the supernatural twists: leeching vampires, eccentric small-town witches, talking pets, and possibly maybe shapeshifters and angels (?) fascinating, refreshing, and fun. Overall, I liked the story, found it had a few surprises and quite a believable small town feel. My favorite parts were definitely the cat familiar (yes, cliche I know, but perfect here) and the detailing of the Cartoon Saloon. Awesome.

Will I read additional books in this series? Likely at least one (too early to say if this is a long-term commitment yet) and maybe more if I’m in a rut, or want something easy and breezy.

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