Bookdorks CHALLENGE #2

OK, so yours didn’t work for me, (I swear I really tried to like it!) but maybe we can find some common ground if we continue with the dystopian theme.

So, I pick Anthem by Ayn Rand for you to read. Here’s why.

It’s still dystopian. It’s less of a fantasy, which I like, but I think you will too.

We’ve talked about it before, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

It’s your boyfriend’s favorite book.

It’s also one of MY favorite books.

It’s truly about a failed utopia.

You can completely ignore all the philosophy and political stuff in it and still enjoy it as a good read. Even my 10th graders come to like it.

It’s lasted the test of time since it was written in the 30s and is still very readable.

It’s clever.

It’s short….and free. I think it’s available on Kindle for free most of the time (if not, I have tons of copies you can borrow). It’s usually only 60-80 pages depending on the edition you choose, but they’re freaking awesome pages.

I was thinking of giving you less than the month since it is so short, but that felt cheaty, so you get one month…until 2/22/12.

P.S. I have no idea what apology video you are talking about 🙂

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