Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Oh, I liked this one so much better than Dark Places!!! I hate when I have to do a bad review 😉

sharp objects


A not-super-good reporter at a fourth-rate paper in Chicago is sent back to her tiny hometown to do some investigative reporting. It seems little girls in Wind Gap are disappearing and then showing up murdered and missing their teeth. Camille Preaker is troublingly real and far from perfect (unlike the heroine/reporters in many crime novels), given her tendency to drink too much and ritualistically carve words into her flesh. Needless to say, growing up in that tiny town was not good for her, so she isn’t eager to go back and reunite with the family members she left behind.

At times predictable, I still enjoyed Sharp Objects quite a bit and I gobbled it up in two days. I don’t know if I’m reading too many mystery/thrillers lately or if this one just had lots of clues, but I did know whodunit considerably before the big reveal at the end. I recall a similar feeling when reading Gone Girl, although I admit I hadn’t quite figured that one out. Still, the unreliable/unlikable protagonist seems to be a thing that Flynn does well (even though I couldn’t get past that very fact when reading about Libby Day, who I should have pitied, but instead, I just couldn’t stand). Flynn gets another win with this one, and I’ll just pretend Dark Places doesn’t exist.

I read this for “popular author’s first book” for the Popsugar challenge.

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