My TBR is filled with crap.

And I need a new book to read. And NOT Sarah’s Key, Audible – that book scares the shit out of me, so quit trying to shove it down my throat! Ugh, I am tired of contemporary stuff and want to read something historical, but my entire TBR is just, like, every book ever written about the Tudors. Blah. I’m in a slump.


I am thisclose to just re-reading Scarlett again.


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  1. shelleybean1 says:

    What about that one you emailed yourself about this weekend? Or the Cleopatra one? Did you ever read The Red Tent? The Help? That Cromwell thing? That Alice in Wonderland bio?

    Or maybe something from this list:

    OR, I just started White Seed…which is about the lost colony of Roanoke. Could be a good one 😉

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