The Potty Mouth at the Table by Laurie Notaro

If you read this blog at all, you know how much I LOVE humor writer Laurie Notaro. So I’m not sure how I missed her last book of essays, The Potty Mouth at the Table. (Except Outlander, so I guess I do know why.) Anyway, when I finished that god-awful-long series, it was time for something light and fun, so here we go!

potty mouth

I have to admit, the Tuscan Tomato Herpes Bisque, peeking at Anne Frank’s underwear, and noticing an immigrant child’s tiny Tic Tac toes cracked me up. She also rants on foodies, judgmental poets, and Yelpers and writes a helpful note about food safety for her widower husband in the event of her death.

One of my favorite parts involved Laurie eating some bad falafel, then getting onto a train, and publicly making the most ungodly noise known to man, after which Notaro warns readers: “Fanned fingers cannot catch vomit, but what they really can do is turn your little half cup of coffee (again, mostly creamer) into a spray-water feature in a fountain that rivals the Bellagio’s and make it appear that your digestive system is hooked up to the city’s water supply.”

Ha, public vomiting and humiliation = super funny.

Also, after taking her husband to a really bad play, he gets his revenge and abandons her to the wolves, er, deer in their yard: “I quickly had a vision of myself making it two steps out of the car before a frothy-mouthed Bambi leaped from the rhodendrons and used my face as a punching bag, while I curled into a fetal position and attempted to roll toward my porch like a pill bug, as my husband shouted encouraging but muffled words from the driver’s seat through closed car windows.”

And if that isn’t enough to make Laurie’s husband sound awesome; note that he even lets her bring home random thrift store purchases that may or may not be perfect for her 80-year-old self. I love it as I am also a step away from Hoarders myself.

Not the funniest of her funny (trucks with nutsacks), but this Idiot Girl is still definitely worth a read!


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