The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

Ok, so this one got put off… a lot. It wasn’t nearly as gripping as The Lost Hero and didn’t answer any of the questions I was left with after book one in the series. Sure, Percy’s back, but…who cares? I sorta even like Hazel and Frank, but again…who cares? It all feels a little too “been there, done that” for me. Yes, the Roman camp is in danger; yes, the two camps (and the gods) have to get over their hatred for each other and work together for a change; yes, the giants and Gaea are rising; yes, there has to be an interim quest to “prove” the heroes’ worth before the big shebang to save all mythological places and the world for all time, but… haven’t we established that already with Jason’s book? In fact, haven’t we done this before in the entire “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” (and even the Kane) series? I mean, do we really know anything new after reading this sequel? And again, do we care?

Unfortunately (and honestly, maybe this IS because I’m also reading like nine other things), this book just didn’t captivate me like TLH or even the original Percy stories. I’d say The Son of Neptune is on par with Riordan’s Egyptian mythology (Kane) books…books I’ll probably never recommend or read again. I have to say, perhaps the author is just cranking them out too fast now…he’s got multiple series (serieses? serii? haha) going on which he’s promised to keep popping out as fast as he can “without sacrificing quality” ( Sorry folks, but I’m pretty sure that (dragon-headed, flying war-) ship has sailed.

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