Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl by Gillian FlynnOh, man. Man, man, man. Mannnnnnnnnn. I just finished reading Gone Girl and I’m so upset that book club was cancelled this week because of the snow so I have to wait until NEXT TUESDAY to discuss it!!!

So Nick’s wife Amy is missing, and the story is told in the present from Nick’s point of view (he’s being shifty and lying about all sorts of stuff for unknown reasons even in his POVs), and from the past as excerpts from Amy’s diary, explaining how unhappy she is with Nick. It’s all obviously built to make you suspect Nick had something to do with Amy’s disappearance. It’s sooooo obvious, in fact, that it has you wondering what ELSE it could possibly be other than Nick killing her. None of this is spoilers, by the way.

I found it interesting that I kept thinking about how both of our narrators seemed to be super unreliable: Amy’s sections seemed to be really skewed toward her being an awesome wife, and Nick was obviously a lying sack of shit. But then, right at the halfway mark, my opinions of the characters completely changed and then things got GOOD.

The ending was a (shocking and) perfect cap to a really fucked up story. I just…this was a good book.


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