Light on Snow by Anita Shreve

I read this one a few months back and sadly, had to pick it up again today to see if I had actually finished it. THAT’s how memorable the ending was :/

light on snow

Anyway, the premise of Light on Snow is quite interesting: a dad and his daughter are walking in the woods and stumble upon a bloody newborn discarded in a snowbank. They turn her over for medical and foster care, both secretly hoping they’ll get to keep or interact with her in some meaningful way. Things get weird though when the mom of the infant shows up and then they sort of decide to keep HER since they can’t keep the baby. She’s troubled and didn’t MEAN to leave her minutes-old baby out in the snow, but she was scared and her parents and her boyfriend…and ugh.

Things get really sad, too, because the dad is kinda treated badly by the police simply because he is poor and reclusive since his wife died. I’m not sure what the overarching message here was supposed to be, but I just really felt like this book, while a quick read, was a waste of my limited reading time. Unmemorable and unimportant. Overall, and I know Anita Shreve is a famous bestselling author and all, I just did not like this book.


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