P&P Readalong Review #3

This is the section where nothing happens. Actually, I read these ten chapters last week and didn’t post because I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say about them then. Then, I stopped reading P&P and switched to Monkey Mind because I didn’t want to get too far ahead. Aaand, now I can’t remember a damn thing that happened in Section 3.

Panda Facepalm

So, since I am compelled to post SOMETHING about this section by today since this is MY dumb challenge, I am forced to do a quick reread. Hopefully, I took some notes or made some highlights on my Kindle that are clever enough to use…let’s see.

Um, is it normal that I sort of want to buy all the pillows on this site???

Ohhhhkay. There’s nothing clever or helpful in my notes because NOTHING of consequence happens in section 3. Basically, this section should be called “crap we need to have happen so later plotlines will work that no one really cares about right now.”

I SUPPOSE we could count Charlotte’s hasty acceptance of Mr. Collins’ rebound proposal an “event,” except I don’t really care about Charlotte, and after all, she’s OLD (ha!) at 27, so what choice does she have really? Good riddance to both of them; they’re annoying.

And then the bitchy Bingley biddies send Jane a series of snarky letters explaining ever-so-nonchalantly that their brother has ditched town FOR NO REASON AT ALL (BTW, not cool, Charles, not cool), he is NEVER coming back, and that they can’t wait to become sisters-in-law with Georgiana Darcy. SUBTLE, right?…Anyway, while it seems implied that they’re planning to marry off their brother to the young Ms. Darcy, I’m sure Caroline has other designs which could accomplish that same goal…ahem.

Then the whole Bennet family decides it is a good idea to ship Jane (in all her brokenhearted misery) off to London where she might, you know, use up all her moping on someone else so they don’t have to be bothered with it, and oh, if it’s convenient and all, pop in on Bingley. Jane jumps at the chance, probably to get away from her MISERABLE excuse for a family, and yeah, maybe to get a peek at (or a well-deserved explanation from) Bingley.

There’s some drama when Lizzy goes off to meet Charlotte Collins (nee Lucas) and her new husband, gets invited to meet and dine with Lady Catherine de Bourgh (twice!), and is effectively warned off Wickham by her aunt. Overall, bleh. Bleh, I say on section 3!



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