Kelley – P&P Readalong Week 3

Chapters 21-30 –  from Rejecting Mr. Collins to Mrs. de Burg’s

Well, Caroline Bingley has persuaded Mr. Bingley to leave town to marry Darcy’s sister, and Jane’s deludedly nice and doesn’t blame Caroline and is all martyrish sweetness and YAWN. Caroline is a much better character than boring old Jane, because you get to enjoy hating her! Anyway, I’m not sad that Bingley has left, because all I can think of when he’s mentioned now is this:







Charlotte Lucas has managed to snare Mr. Collins after a whirlwind romance that takes all of about a day, and Lizzie’s kinda mad at her for being so stupid as to marry someone so ridiculous. Not for the obvious reason, which is that CHARLOTTE GETS THEIR HOUSE WHEN MR. BENNET DIES. (note to self: I need to look up entails, because wtf?)

So Lizzie goes to visit Charlotte and Mr. Collins, and between him being ridiculous and us finally being introduced to Mrs. Catherine de Burgh, it’s hysterical. This book just gets funnier and funnier! I’ve never heard of P&P being funny, but man it’s been cracking me up.

This whole section was kind of slow, actionwise. But, we got very many descriptions of Mr. Collin’s insanely unhealthy obsession with Mrs. de Burgh, so it all balances out!

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