Pride and Prejudice Readalong/Challenge

So, in honor of the completion of my beloved Lizzie Bennet Diaries and my recent acquisition of the awesome Colin Firth miniseries version of the film, I decided to reread P&P, which is probably/maybe my second favorite Jane Austen novel (second only to Persuasion…and perhaps Northanger Abbey).

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We’ve never done a readalong here on thebookdorks blog, but we have done a few challenges which were largely UNSUCCESSFUL (mostly because Kelley cheats!). Anyway, since it is always more fun to enjoy the same book concurrently with others, I propose a challenge (for Kelley) and a readalong (for any of the rest of you who wish to join us!).

Here is what I propose: a six week reading schedule of approximately 10 P&P chapters per week and then a post after each section 😉

Week 1- 3/31 to 4/6 (Chapters 1-10)

Week 2 – 4/7 to 4/13 (Chapters 11-20)

Week 3 – 4/14 to 4/20 (Chapters 21-30)

Week 4 – 4/21 to 4/27 (Chapters 31-40)

Week 5 – 4/28 to 5/4 (Chapters 41-50)

Week 6 – 5/5 to 5/11 (Chapters 51-61/end)

Of course, you can always read faster (as I probably will since we have Spring Break this week) or slower if that is your thing. It’s not school or work, ya’ll. There are no REAL deadlines here. Except for Kelley…since you were incredibly slack on that last challenge, you must keep up!

Since I don’t know how to do any fancy blog-type things for signups, just comment with your blog link or goodreads account below this original post and we’ll do the same when we check your review out! Who knows…if this is actually as fun as I expect, maybe we’ll do the rest of the Austen novels or some of the derivative, fan fiction-y stuff that I always manage to get sucked into after one of my Austen rereads. [[Note from Kelley: ok, but I’m not reading anything involving zombies.]]

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