Wither – Lauren DeStefano

Awww, man. This is a review that I really don’t want to write. Not because I feel bad about writing a bad review – some people like books, some people don’t, oh well. It’s because I feel like there’s something wrong with me for not enjoying this book. Like, at ALL. I kind of hated it. It was BORING. In fact, here’s a note I put on my kindle:

“Half the book is over and nothing has happened yet.”

And that really just about sums it up for me. But everyone else in the world loved this book, right? I always feel like an outcast when I hate well-thought-of books.

Because I don’t like this book even enough to write a real review, here are some other notes I found on my Kindle:

  • I don’t like Rhine’s apathy. DO SOMETHING
  • Gabriel has no personality and neither does Lindon. Vaughn is mysteriously eeeeeeevil
  • I wonder what Rowan’s disability is
  • Was Rhine stolen from the house that day that Rowan wasn’t in bed? or did she get taken when she went to sell bone marrow? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND
  • something should’ve gone down already with the other wives. Jenna does not seem trustworthy and Cecilia is definitely not, but…they’re all just coexisting peacefully.
  • Rhine walks around talking about how good she is at lying and how great she’s doing at getting Lindon to like her, but it seems to me that Lindon liked her from the start, despite her lack of personality. She doesn’t really put much effort into fooling him, at all. She alternates between actually being his friend, and then the next paragraph, she’s back to bragging about how much she’s fooling him and how much she hates him.
  • So did Rowan sell Rhine?
  • Why was it so easy to escape?

For most of the book there wasn’t even a real antagonist. I mean yeah yeah, kidnapped and forced to marry some guy. But that happened in the first few pages, and for the rest of the book there weren’t any developments, either character or plotline. Ugh. Should I read the next book, Fever? Maybe it gets better?

*I listened to the audiobook of this. Didn’t much care for the dreamy-sounding voice acting, although her voice was pleasant.

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