A Song of Ice and Fire: “The Sworn Sword” by George R.R. Martin

Dunk and Egg return in this volume about a dried up stream and a dam and the lord and lady who are fighting over it. Wow, I don’t know what else to say about this one than that. That’s virtually ALL that happened. Well, and Egg reveals who he is and Dunk has to do battle as a sworn sword to a kinda traitorous old man. He also learns how to kiss. The end…BORING. Sorry Kelley, again, no tears and this one wasn’t even sad!

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  1. sancho1981 says:

    I actually liked this one the most out of all 3. I think that the politics and history of the 2 small houses were pretty good. When you read the tale more and more and you go deeper into this world you truly understand how the local politics work. Dunk grasping the meaning of the word traitor and finally understanding that it’s not all black and white but a matter of a single wrong turn in a crucial time was pretty fun.
    Anyway I had plenty to white about the Sworn Sword, you are welcome to visit and tell me what you think – http://www.coolreviewsrule.com/2013/11/tales-of-dunk-and-egg-sworn-sword-review.html

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