Owly Volume I: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer

I haven’t reviewed (or read) a graphic novel in a while, so here goes…

I bought Owly: Volume 1 for my ten-year-old son who loves comics. I try not to be picky about what he reads because any reading is reading, and infinitely better than video games, right? (Sharing books is also one way we spend time together which I love.) Still, this one seemed a little young for him, so I hesitated. But, he loves animals –living, stuffed, or drawn–particularly those with gigantic eyes, so I caved. Heck, it only cost me a buck, so I can’t complain. 🙂

Of course, this graphic novel is virtually wordless which makes me question the whole “reading is reading” philosophy a bit, but it is quite fun. The little owl makes friends with a lost worm and two hummingbirds. He recycles, rescues other creatures in need, and feeds his feathered friends and never asks for anything in return. His tiny black and white face (at least on Kindle) is very expressive and often sad. The message here is harmless, kind, and quite touching. I’m pretty sure we’ll end up buying the next four installments because of all the things the boy has sampled on Kindle so far, this is the only one he’s asked to buy. And hey, it could have been The Booger Book.

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