A Song of Ice and Fire: “The Hedge Knight” by George R.R. Martin

So, Kelley tells me these short stories of the A Song of Ice and Fire series are even better than the novels themselves and that I should be prepared to cry. We’ll see.

The first, “The Hedge Knight,” is all about an unlikely tourney knight named Dunk and his maybe-orphan squire Egg (I’m thinking he’s an Aegon given all the not-so-subtle hinting, but we’ll see). The story contains descriptions of the banners, pavilions, horses, and sets of armor as well as the myriad surroundings of the tourney and the various knights of the lists in true Martinesque (read long-winded and overdone) fashion, and honestly, I don’t care who unhorsed whom and all that nonsense. However, the craziness that emerges in some of the Targaryen heirs seems to be evident here and I guess that’s important….

Update: Ok, she’s right. I loved it. Minus the godawful amounts of exposition and the impossible-to-follow Targaryen family tree, I really liked it. A little predictable, but worth reading for sure.

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