This is Michelle being diplomatic.

Michelle: Love your graphic for the new post. That was a really great idea! But…what does it mean exactly? All books ever on kindle? That you’ve downloaded? Read? And what are wildcard/witches? Wizards?

Kelley: omg, did you pick those phrases from your first paragraph off of a “how to not wreck the self esteem of dumb kids” teacher book? I was working on that post last night for forever, tying in her undoubtedly magicky YA books with the stupid vampire/werewolf thing, and it kept evolving and it was still not quite right, and then I got bored, deleted all but the first paragraph, and posted it. 🙂 FINE, I’ll edit it tonight!

This was the offending post.

And Wildcards is an enormous series by George R. R. Martin, about superheroes who…play cards or something, that he’s been writing for like 20 years and which he seems to think is worth delaying ASoIaF, but he is wrong.

I never did edit my post, either.
I’m lazy.
I’m doing this instead.

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