Bumped: a lazy chat review

Kelley: so
who wrote the 13 blue envelopes book?
Michelle: don’t know
Kelley: oh, megan mccafferty!
Michelle: and?
Kelley: just curious
cause i wanted to look up whether the Bumped 2 book was out yet
even though I sort of hated book 1
ok, it’s releasing in a few days
you read Bumped, right?
Michelle: no
Kelley: oh
don’t bother
it was dumb
Michelle: ha, ok, what was it about?
Kelley: ummmmm
like, it’s in the future and teenagers are the only ones that can have babies so it becomes like a status symbol to have them through contracts, paid for by rich people. And there are identical twins and mistaken identities and “hip”, “futuristic” language and blah
ETA: yeah, Maureen Johnson wrote 13 Little Blue Envelopes, Megan Mccafferty wrote Bumped. Whoops!
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2 Responses to Bumped: a lazy chat review

  1. shelleybean1 says:

    Actually, thought 13 Little Blue Envelopes was Maureen Johnson. Too lazy to look it up…so did you read Bumped 2?

    • kelley says:

      oh, you’re right, actually. I dunno, somehow looking up 13 little blue envelopes on Amazon brought me to Bumped, the name of which I couldn’t remember. And nope. But I probably will.

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